Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter MPU Series B

The FMC Technologies MPU series of Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeters advance ultrasonic metering technology to its highest form. The MPU 1200 six-path, MPU 800 four-path and three-path MPU 600 meters are designed to handle the requirements as stand-alone meters or can be incorporated into complete metering stations. A single path meter, the MPU 200, is available for applications with lower accuracy requirements to fill out the full complement of ultrasonic product offering.

The MPU Series B Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter is meter with non-intrusive and flush mounted transducers providing undisturbed and accurate measurement of gas flow. Compared to traditional gas metering systems, the MPU provides significant cost, space and weight savings for gas system applications.

Meter sizes: 4” to 56”.

Flow Range: 0.2 m/c to 30 m/s.

Operating Pressure Range: 1 to 275 bar. Higher pressures are available. Please consult factory for pressures above 275 bar.

Operating flow temperature: -20°C to 70°C.

Nominal Accuracy:

  • With dry calibration: ≤±0.5% of measured value;
  • With flow calibration: ≤±0.1% of measured value.
MPU 200 Series B
MPU 600 Series B
MPU 800 Series B
MPU 1200 Series B