Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter Ultra Series C

The Smith Meter Ultra Series C Liquid Flowmeter is ultrasonic meter for custody transfer measurement of petroleum products. The multiple measurement paths accurately resolve difficult flow profiles, maintaining linearity and repeatability over the widest range of conditions. Crossing measurement paths cancel the velocity effects of fluid swirl providing the capability to handle compact installations with only 5D of upstream straight run. As a result, the Ultra Series C exceeds the most demanding performance specifications on light to heavy petroleum products without the need for flow conditioning.

Unique Ultra Series C features:

  • Custody Transfer Accuracy – +/-0.12% linearity over 15:1 normal flow range. Meets OIML R117 and API requirements for custody transfer.
  • Cancellation of swirl – transducer paths precisely measure swirl and cancel any resulting transverse velocities for highly accurate performance in installations without flow conditioning.
  • Heavy, high viscosity fluids at low Reynolds number – measurement paths and dynamic profile compensation allow extremely linear performance from laminar to turbulent flow regimes.
  • 5D Upstream Straight Run – Cancellation of swirl permits installations with 5D upstream straight run without flow conditioning.
  • Low Frequency Transducer Option – Powerful signals penetrate the heaviest fluids maintaining measurement integrity and preventing signal loss on high viscosity/contaminated fluids or during cold flow startup conditions.
  • Proving Performance – High speed signal processing allow the Ultra Series C to exceed API requirements, proving in fewer runs and/or smaller prove volumes.

Meter sizes: 4” to 30”.

Flow Range: from 8.9 m3/h to 21800m3/h.

Linearity +/- 0.12% over the normal flow range with recommended installation. Uncertainty Compliant with API MPMS Chapter 4.8 Table A-1 for +/-0.027% average meter factor uncertainty.

Repeatability +/-0.02%

Maximum Viscosity: 3400 cSt.

Maximum Working Pressure: 153 bar.

Temperature Range: from -50°C to 120°C.

Ultra™ 4c
Ultra™ 6c
Ultra™ 8c
5.7″ Remote Display for Ultra™ Series C Ultrasonic Flowmeter