m1 Digital Pressure Gauge

The m1 digital pressure gauge is designed for accurate measurements of absolute and gauge pressure in the field or laboratory. As part of the calibration system, m1 precision digital pressure gauges can be used for verification / calibration:
• Pointer and digital devices showing and registering pressure;
• Technical pressure gauges;
• Pressure alarms.
The relative error of m1 manometers is 0.2%. Measurement accuracy remains virtually unchanged when exposed to shock, vibration, pressure overload, or sudden pressure changes.
Standardization of the error in relative units allows one to replace three mechanical pressure gauges with a reduced error of 0.25% with one m1 digital manometer. This leads to a significant reduction in operating costs during calibration / verification.
The m1 pressure gauges are rated IP65 for protection against external influences, which guarantees protection against dust and water jets. The reliable and convenient casing protects the gauge from shocks and other external influences, including the ingress of drops of corrosive liquids such as Skydrol.
The ability to change the refresh rate allows the manometer to operate for up to three years from two AA batteries.
Ametek has specially developed for its calibrators and digital pressure gauges a unique system of connections and fittings CPF (Crystal Pressure Fitting) for hand tightening, including for high pressure (up to 70 MPa). CPF fittings provide fast and reliable connections to calibrators, digital pressure gauges, calibration pumps.
On request, specially selected hoses and sets of fittings and adapters with all commonly used types of threaded connections (NPT, BSP, M20x1.5, etc.) can be supplied.

m1 Digital Pressure Gauge