XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge

XP2i digital pressure gauges are designed for accurate measurements of absolute and gauge pressure in the field, including hazardous, or laboratory conditions.
XP2i manometers have a relative error of 0.1%. Measurement accuracy remains virtually unchanged when exposed to shock, vibration, pressure overload, or sudden pressure changes. Standardization of error in relative units allows replacing four mechanical pressure gauges with one XP2i digital manometer. This leads to a significant reduction in operating costs during calibration / verification.
If more accurate measurements are required, XP2i manometers with a reduced error of 0.02% and 0.05% (options) can be supplied.
XP2i digital pressure gauges (intrinsically safe 0Ex ia IIC T4 / T3 Ga X) are certified for use in hazardous areas using the recommended batteries.
XP2i pressure gauges are IP67 rated for protection against external influences, which guarantees protection against dust penetration, as well as serviceability when immersed in water at a depth of 1 m for 30 minutes. The body of the pressure gauge is made of nickel-plated die-cast aluminum, which is extremely resistant to corrosion and moisture. The diaphragm protects the sensor from contamination and overload.
After pressure overload and drops, most gauges can give inaccurate readings. You can find out about this only during the next calibration / verification. XP2i sensors are able to withstand huge overloads (up to 650% of the upper limit) without damage or loss of accuracy. The XP2i gauge self-test does not allow operation if the sensor is damaged.
In addition, the XP2i gauges are marine certified to Det Norsjke Veritas Marine Standards.
Ametek has specially developed for its calibrators and digital pressure gauges a unique system of connections and fittings CPF (Crystal Pressure Fitting) for hand tightening, including for high pressure (up to 70 MPa). CPF fittings provide fast and reliable connections to calibrators, digital pressure gauges, calibration pumps, and UUT.
On request, specially selected hoses and sets of fittings and adapters with all commonly used types of threaded connections (NPT, BSP, M20x1.5, etc.) can be supplied.
The optional DataLoggerXP software turns the gauge into a handheld datalogger that can be started at the push of a button. After that, the device will record such parameters as the current pressure value, the average pressure value, as well as its maximum and minimum values, with a frequency of 1 time per second or less often.
The datalogger option allows you to record up to 32,000 measurements. The datalogger replaces the recorder and is required, for example, for testing pipelines for leaks and monitoring well pressure, as well as recording periodic and non-stationary processes.

XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge