Sentry Series

The Smith Meter Sentry Series Turbine Meter is a rimmed, rotor-type meter with helical blades. Sentry Series Turbine Meters utilize both an upstream and downstream stator and have tungsten carbide bearings with a hydro-dynamic thrust balance system. They provide highly accurate measurement required for custody transfer of petroleum liquids such as crude oil and refined products in larger pipelines.


  • Bidirectional flow allows the meter to accurately register flow in either direction.
  • Multiple pickup coils are used when direction sensing or pulse security is required. A third pickup coil is available to drive auxiliary equipment, such as a back-up counter or prover.
  • ±0.10% and ±0.07% linearity available.
  • High-resolution (HR) output available on 4″ through 8″ meters to increase the pulse output per unit volume to allow proving with a smaller-size pipe prover.

Operating Specifications:


  • ±0.15% linearity over normal flow range.
  • ±0.10% linearity over 5:1 flow range.
  • ±0.07% linearity over 5:1 flow range.

Meter Sizes – from 4” to 20”.

Flow Range – from 24 m3/h to 6600 m3/h.

Maximum Working Pressure – from 1896 kPa to 10205 kPa.

Meter Operating Temperature Range – from -29ºC to 107ºC.

Sentry Series