Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter MPU Series C

The MPU Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter Series C is our most advanced solution for custody transfer gas flow measurement with minimal pressure drop and only 5D upstream straight run required. The meter’s path geometry allows for the cancellation of swirl velocities for installations without flow conditioning. Combined with the enhanced features of the next generation Series C electronics, the MPU 1600c Series C is the leader in ultrasonic gas measurement accuracy, diagnostic intelligence and installation flexibility.


  • Cancellation of Swirl;
  • Accuracy – Nominal accuracy is +/-0.1% and repeatability of +/-0.05% or better with flow calibration;
  • On Board Memory for Diagnostic Analysis;
  • Compliance to International Standards;
  • Advanced Noise Immunity;
  • Integrated or Remote Color Touch Screen Display – The optional color touch screen display can be attached as the front panel of the meter electronics or remotely mounted using the optional wall-mounted display. The color touch screen display assembly is explosion-proof and communicates via Ethernet with the meter electronics;
  • Web-based Interface – Meter can be directly accessed with a web browser to serve as the operator interface display, eliminating the need for specialized software interfacing, improving accessibility and ease of use;
  • Low Maintenance – No moving parts that need replacement due to wear, providing stable measurement over the life of the meter. Non-intrusive parts help avoid product build up on equipment;
  • In-line Transducer Replacement.

Meter sizes: 4” to 60”.

Flow Range: 0.2 m/c to 30 m/s.

Operating Pressure Range: 1 to 275 bar. Higher pressures are available. Please consult factory for pressures above 275 bar.

Operating flow temperature: -20°C to 70°C.

Nominal Accuracy:

  • OIML R137-1 Accuracy Class 0.5 with 5D upstream and no flow conditioning. Without flow calibration: ≤ ±0.35% of measured value sizes. 12″ and larger; ≤ ±0.5% of measured value sizes 10″ and smaller.
  • With flow calibration: ≤ ±0.1% of measured value


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