Laser analyzer 5100 TDLAS

The feature-rich lase analyzer 5100 TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) offers high-sensitivity, analyte-specific, fast-response measurements for critical industrial applications. It features a single absorption cell and integrated sample system in a compact, cost-effective package. The 5100 TDLAS uses a reference cell to line-lock the laser on a desired wavelength. Any minor shift in the observed spectrum is used as feedback to adjust the laser, ensuring the proper operating wavelength. Thus, there is a real-time confirmation that the laser is locked on the desired absorption line. Capable of measuring water vapor, methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide or oxygen in process and flue gases, the 5100 TDLAS is ideally suited to applications in the hydrocarbon processing and natural gas industries. The non-contact TDLAS technology ensures the laser source and detector are kept separate from the process, reducing maintenance needs. Analytical bench failures with the 5100 TDLAS are typically 10 years apart, not weeks or months like other analyzers. A reference cell prevents any shift in the measurement peak, ensuring the diode laser operates at the correct wavelength. This provides confidence that measurements avoid errors caused by a wavelength shift of even a fraction of a nanometer. All-digital signal processing delivers more precise control of the 5100’s laser output. This provides the most robust and accurate results, even in conditions with high background interference, ensuring the measurements to support process efficiency. The 5100 TDLAS is the reliable TDLAS gas analyzer for single analytes.