HPC40 Series Pressure Calibrator

HPC40 series pressure calibrators (HPC41 – one internal pressure module, HPC42 – two internal modules) are designed for verification and calibration in the field or laboratory:

  • dial and digital devices showing and recording gauge, absolute and differential pressure, current;
  • pressure transmitters of various types;
  • pressure switch, technical manometers;
  • pressure alarms.

Key Features:

  • Models with one (HPC41) or two (HPC42) internal modules;
  • Ability to connect external pressure modules APM;
  • Pressure measurement in the range of -0.1 … 100 MPa with a relative error of ± 0.025%;
  • Measurement of gauge and absolute pressure with the same modules in the presence of a barometric pressure module (option);
  • Difference (differential) pressure measurement under working pressure, when installing two pressure modules;
  • Measurement of electrical signals (mA, V) with a relative error of ± 0.015%;
  • Generation of a current signal (mA) with a relative error of ± 0.015%;
  • Source = 24 V to power the current loop;
  • Delivery both as a separate digital meter and as part of calibration systems with pneumatic and hydraulic hand pumps in aluminum or plastic cases;
  • Unique system of quick-release fittings CPF for hand tightening, including for high pressure (up to 70 MPa);
  • Free CrystalControl software that allows you to change a number of HPC40 settings from a PC and, if necessary, perform calibrator adjustments.
HPC40 Series Pressure Calibrator