CTC Series Compact Temperature Calibrator

CTC Series compact temperature calibrators CTC-R are intended for calibration and verification of temperature measuring instruments in the range of -25 … + 1205 ° С. The calibrators are small in size and weight, as well as ease of use.

Key Features:

  • Color multi-informative backlit display;
  • Execution with the ability to connect an external reference thermometer;
  • Full compensation of surges and instability of the supply voltage;
  • Indication of mode stabilization;
  • Fast heating and cooling;
  • Mode of simulation of all operations, simplifying the development of the device.

The CTC-R calibrators have an easy-to-read and highly informative color display that shows all information about the calibrator and the calibration process.

The CTC-R temperature calibrators of the C version are equipped with a connector for measuring the signal of an external reference thermometer, which is installed next to the sensor under test. This greatly simplifies the calibration by the comparison method, which has a significantly lower error. Reference thermometers for temperature calibrators CTC-R of version C are intelligent, each of them stores all thermometer parameters, including calibration coefficients.