RTC Series Reference Temperature Calibrator

RTC Series Reference Temperature Calibrators are designed for calibration and verification of temperature measuring instruments in the range of 100 … + 700°С.
Unrivaled temperature stability and uniformity in the work area is combined with a high rate of temperature change.
Six models of RTC-R calibrators differ in design, temperature ranges and have three versions (A, B or C) each.
Versions B and C are equipped with a DLC circuit for dynamic compensation of the effect of heat losses through calibrated sensors, as well as a circuit for measuring the signal of an external reference resistance thermometer. Such a thermometer is installed next to the sensor under test and is connected to a special connector on the calibrator. This greatly simplifies the calibration by the comparison method, which has a significantly lower error.
Version B has a unit for measuring electrical signals of the sensors under test.
The thermometer of the DLC system (calibrators of versions B, C) is installed next to the calibrated sensor, measures the temperature difference in the working area of the insert tube and controls the regulator of the upper zone of the thermostat. This ensures the highest uniformity of temperature distribution in the working area up to 60 mm from the bottom of the insert tube, regardless of the number and / or diameter of the inserted sensors. This makes it possible to reduce to practically zero the additional uncertainty caused by heat removal into the environment through the calibrated sensors.
The RTC-R thermostat has two (and three in the RTC-700 model) heating zones with separate regulation. The regulator of the lower zone maintains the set temperature value, and the upper one maintains a “zero difference” temperature relative to the lower zone. This method provides high temperature uniformity in the working area and a low error in its setting.
To cool the thermostat to -100°C (the lowest temperature of any temperature dry-well), the unique patented Stirling gas-cooled heat pump technology is used, which is about 6 times more efficient than thermoelectric coolers.
The RTC-158 and RTC-250 calibrators (all versions) can be used as liquid calibrators. The sleeve with drilled holes for the temperature devices are removed, and a special oil is poured into the thermostat. Temperature devices are held with a special tripod. The ability to tilt devices into a liquid thermostat allows more devices to be calibrated simultaneously than in the case of a dry-well.
High metrological characteristics are combined with the functional saturation of the device. In addition to setting the setpoints, stability criteria and automatic temperature steps, the calibrators allow documenting the process and results of verification / calibration, as well as performing verification / calibration in automatic mode in accordance with the tasks generated on the PC.

Model RTC-156 & RTC-157
Model RTC-158 & RTC-250
Model RTC-187
Model RTC-700
Model RTC-159 Ultra Cooler