3050 Series Moisture Analyzer

The 3050 series of moisture analyzers utilize AMETEK’s proven, accurate quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) technology. Built-in verification provides operators with increased measurement confidence. The industry standard for trace moisture applications, QCM technology delivers the most accurate measurements available, and responds quickly to increasing and decreasing moisture levels. The 3050 optimizes this technology for a range of applications. 3050 series analyzers provide continuous, reliable moisture measurements from moderate to very low (sub-1.0) parts-per-million levels, and are available in a variety of packaging and measurement ranges. The stability of the 3050 series’ vibrating quartz crystal removes the need for factory recalibrations, eliminating costly maintenance projects. This stability is supported by an internal verification system for increased measurement confidence. The quartz crystal sensor performance is unaffected by process gas temperature and never needs to reach equilibrium to establish an accurate measurement. This ensures a rapid response to rising or falling moisture levels, enabling moisture problems to be detected as they occur. The AMEVision display unit allows users to continually monitor the measurement and diagnostic data from up to eight 3050 analyzers, with real time measurements and trend data. It is compatible with the OLV, SLR, DO and TE models. With nine different models suitable for an extensive range of trace moisture measurement applications, the 3050 series provides solutions for the hydrocarbon processing, industrial and natural gas.