10" Steel Model JA10, 10" Model JB10, 12" Steel Model K12, 16" Steel Model M16

The Smith Meter® Model JA10 Meter is a 10″, Smith Meter Model JB10 Meter is a 10″, Smith Meter Model K12 Meter is a 12″,  double-case, straight-through type, rotary vane, positive displacement flow meter and is part of the Crude Transportation (CT) Series of large PD meters. The Crude Transportation series PD Meters incorporate updated design features including lightened blades, full-width wear strips, Armalloy coated rollers and cam and tungsten carbide roller pins to provide extended service in harsh crude applications. The Crude Transportation series is suitable for both crude oil and refined product applications such as blending, batching and leak detection as well as traditional custody transfer applications.

Maximum Flow Rate – 550 m3/h and 740 m3/h for 10”, 1140 m3/h for 12”, 2000 m3/h for 16”;

Accuracy – ±0.15%;

Maximum Pressure – 15306 kPa;

Maximum Operating Temperature Range – from -29⁰C to 205⁰C;

Maximum Viscosity – 2 Pa•s.

10″ Steel Model JA10
10″ Model JB10
12″ Steel Model K12
16″ Steel Model M16