Counters, Printers, Preset Counters


Features large, easy-to-read, five-digit 600 Series or six-digit 900 Series reset counter numerals, with fine graduations on right-hand wheel for an additional digit of resolution. An eight-digit, non-reset totalizer is standard on all models.



The accurately-recorded printer ticket takes the “guesswork” out of liquid transfers. The tamper-proof system seals the ticket into the meter register printer while transfer is being made and also seals out dirt and weather. The ticket is mechanically printed before it can be removed from the printer. Errors, doubts, and disputes are eliminated, and the customer receives a meter register printed receipt.


Preset Counters

The Smith Meter Model 300C Series Preset Counters are four-digit (340C) or five-digit (350C), two-stage, preset (down) counters designed for mounting directly under a Model 600 Series Counter on all Smith Meter PD meters. They are used with appropriate accessories to either mechanically or electrically trigger two-stage valve closure to control precise, shock-free delivery of a preset quantity of liquid. The signal to initiate first stage valve shut-down is field-adjustable from 3 to 9, 10 to 90, or 100 to 900 right-hand wheel units. The final stage shut-down signal, just prior to zero, is easily field adjusted on start-up to assure precise delivery of the preset quantity.

Counters, Printers, Preset Counters