2" Iron Model T-11, 3" Iron Model T-20, Iron Model T-40

Smith Meter Model T-11 Meter is a 2″, Smith Meter Model T-20 Meter is a 3″, Smith Meter Model T-40 Meter is a 4″ single-case, angle-type, rotary vane, positive displacement meter.

Applications include: blending, batching, dispensing, inventory control, and custody transfer of oils, solvents, chemicals, paints, fats, and fertilizers.

Maximum Flow Rate – 570 L/min for 2”, 900 L/min for 3”, 1900 L/min for 4”;

Accuracy – ±0.15%;

Maximum Pressure – 1034 kPa;

Maximum Operating Temperature Range – from -45⁰C to 93⁰C;

Maximum Viscosity – 2 Pa•s.

2″ Iron Model T-11
3″ Iron Model T-20
Iron Model T-40